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About our Famed North Hollywood Recording Studio

Magical comes to mind—but you’d have to know our history. Metallica’s Black Album, the group’s best-selling record in the last 25 years, was recorded within the walls of this fabled North Hollywood recording studio. The Grey Room, producer extraordinaire Richard Landis’ replica of his home studio: We’ve got it. Mix in some pivotal modernization and you get a rare synthesis of method, style and function that is the soul of 17 Hertz.
But 17 Hertz isn’t just about history, and it’s not simply a haven for legendary artists. It’s much more than that. In fact, 17 Hertz is arguably the most revolutionary recording space in the world. Here we forgo the traditional hourly charges in favor of an affordable subscription-based model. We have the best equipment in the world, and yet our commitment is not to the machinery, but to the customer. We want to do whatever it takes to make you happy, and to help you realize your musical dreams. Don’t think of us as a recording studio; think of us as a vibrant creative community. Step into your new home away from home, shut out the rest of the world, and make musical history.

One Step Beyond

Working with us will always be a step beyond: Forget your expectations, we’re out to surpass! From independent labels to major artists, orchestra to vocals, innovation is our bottom line. At our all-in-one recording complex, any size project is within reach. Extra space to practice and jam 24/7, a nearby dance studio for choreographing—17 Hertz is YOUR full service studio.

Limitless Freedom

For generations, recording artists have been slaves to the clock. With each hour that passes, the investment increases, and so artists are pressured to produce the best product possible in the least amount of time. At 17 Hertz, we play by a different set of rules. Forget the hours, and forget the clocks. Our subscription-based studio reservations allow you to purchase your very own studio by the week or even by the month, and use the space entirely at your leisure. You can’t rush musical perfection, and we don’t expect you to. Reserve your space, take your time, and record on your own schedule, free from the shackles of traditional studio timelines and limitations. You won’t find that kind of freedom anywhere else.


Recording studios in Los Angeles are as ubiquitous as Starbucks coffee and rush hour traffic, but our 10,000 sq. ft. North Hollywood recording studio is in a league by itself. Behold the largest sound system in the city, achieve percussive perfection in the world’s best drum room, and most importantly, experience 17 Hertz on your own terms. Choose only the space you need, and use it only as you see fit. Whether your ambition is to record the next Billboard sensation or simply to find a quiet place to gather ideas and conjure musical inspiration, you will feel right at home.  

  • With our subscription-based recording service, you can forget about hourly charges and focus on what truly matters: creating the music you were meant to create.
  • We employ some of the best engineers in the business. Whether you need assistance with recording, mixing, mastering, or post production, our experts are here to lend a trained ear and a skilled hand.
  • We cost less and we work faster than any other Los Angeles or North Hollywood recording studio, because we value your time and your money.
  • Proud member of the Grammy Recording Academy, NAMM, Audio Engineering Society, and ASCAP.  

Leave Your Mark

Our home is in the NoHo Arts District, at the heart of the ‘new Hollywood’—a bona fide locus of creative revolution— and on the pulse of the newest technology and expertise. Record placement and recognition is our standard—it’s what we work for, it’s what we achieve. Welcome to the new frequency of music. Welcome to 17 Hertz!