Studio D
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Studio D – An Affordable Music Recording Studio in Los Angeles

Studio D is a 324 sq. ft. production space available for private lease at 17 Hertz Studio in North Hollywood. If you’re looking for an affordable music recording studio in Los Angeles that is perfect for production and demo work, Studio D may be the ideal option. Like all of our production rooms, it affords you the privacy and soundproof freedom necessary to explore and capture every ounce of musical inspiration as it comes to you. All new customers receive 25% off, so if you’ve never experienced the 17 Hertz difference, now is the perfect time.

Equipped or Unequipped?

Most studios charge by the hour, but when you rent one of our production rooms, you’re granted unlimited access over the course of your lease, and the freedom to record and produce at your own pace. Bring your laptop, your favorite DAW, and all of your best audio equipment, and enjoy uninterrupted musical freedom at one low price. As you have probably already realized, your bedroom is a pretty poor place to record and produce, but our production rooms are the professional industry standard.
If you’re feeling inadequate in the equipment department, you can also rent equipment from us. As a leading music recording studio in Los Angeles, we stock a truly breathtaking assortment of gear, sure to satisfy even the most discriminating musical connoisseur. Maybe you’re looking to record the ultimate demo but are lacking an appropriate mixing board, or maybe your generic all-purpose microphones are leaving your vocals a bit muffled. Whatever the case, we’re happy to work with you and ensure that you have all of the appropriate gear, with affordable rentals and even a professional helping hand. Which leads us to our next point…

Studio D, 324 sq ft production space

World-Class Engineers

There are many benefits to leasing a professional production room, but at 17 Hertz, we don’t just provide you with the space to make musical history. We also provide you with access to our full team of professional audio engineers, who can assist you with everything from recording to mixing to post-production. We have worked with many of the world’s leading musical artists, and we will gladly assist you in creating precisely the sound you’re looking for. Most studios will charge you exorbitant amounts of money for mixing and mastering as standalone services, but our team is happy to work alongside you and help you to achieve flawless production even as you record.

Contact 17 Hertz Today

As you can see, 17 Hertz is like no other music recording studio in Los Angeles. We don’t just assist you; we align our goals with your own. If you would like to reserve Studio D for your own music or audio project, give us call today at (310) 331-8818 and turn your artistic vision into a reality. We look forward to working with you.